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Rah Rah Cares: What We Are Passionate About ...  

There are so many organizations and individuals in our world that do a world of good. THANK YOU to all those who spend so much time and attention to make our world a more peaceful, less hungry or more accepting place to live in. You have inspired us to get involved and raise awareness of the things we are most passionate about. 

Rah Rah Routines strongly supports two very important causes and missions near and dear to our hearts. We feel that these causes significantly impact the cheerleading industry and the athletes it serves and represent the core values of our company. 

So let's take the journey every year in October for National Bullying Prevention Month and in March for National Cheerleading Safety Month. Let's make a difference for the sport that we love and the world that we live in!



CEO of Rah Rah Routines   

Let's Take A Stand Against Bullying!

We are committed to the anti-bullying movement after hearing the story of 12-year-old Ronin Shimizu from Folsom, Calif. He committed suicide last December after schoolmates allegedly had bullied him for being a cheerleader. He was the only male cheerleader on the squad

Making Cheerleader Safety A Priority

In honor of National Cheerleading Safety Month in March, we pledge to make cheerleader safety a priority, and continuously educate & train our clients and our staff to become safety experts in our industry. 

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