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THE RI5E OF RAH RAH ROUTINES: Five Years of Working for the Best

The world of cheerleading has brought a lot to my life over the years. It has brought me some of my closest friends, it has pushed me to challenge myself more than I ever thought I could, it has led to my biggest heartbreaks, and has also led to some of the proudest moments in my life.

When Coach Christina asked me to work for Rah Rah Routines I jumped at the chance to not only continue my cheerleading journey, but also to learn and evolve within that world. I had already learned so much working with Christina, and knew I would learn so much more.

The first camp I worked alongside Christina, I learned about putting her theories of safety, progression, and teamwork into action. In three short days, I watched a group of individual middle school cheerleaders transform into a team of girls who gained confidence in their skills, understood how to perform them, and learned what it takes to be “there” for your teammates in every sense of the word. The structure of a camp or class with Rah Rah Routines creates success, and that is why I keep coming back to work with the company each season.

Over the last five years, I have been privileged to watch Rah Rah Routines grow in the number of teams that it works with and in the knowledgeable employees who become equally as confident as the teams they serve. When I started with Christina, I had experience in cheerleading and coaching, but I am constantly learning more from her and the people I work with.

I always feel confident heading into a job with a client because of the skills I have been given through the training and support we receive as coaches. She is consistent in her delivery with us, and expects us to be able to deliver the same supportive but no-nonsense coaching to our clients.

So much has changed in my life over the last five years: new jobs, marriage, and a new baby; Rah Rah has been there every step of the way. They are supportive as ever in allowing me to grow in my life as I grow with the company. Over the years I’ve been able to work for Christina when I can, and also maintain the education she provided me five years ago.

Rah Rah Routines has accomplished so much over the last five years, and I cannot wait to see what they next five years will hold! I, for one, cannot wait for my little girl to attend a Rah Rah Routines camp, and truly learn from the best!

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