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THE RI5E OF RAH RAH ROUTINES: Opportunity, Family, & A Career in What I Love

Cheerleading, for me, has always held an extremely special place in my heart. Despite the countless job opportunities I have received through cheerleading, I can genuinely say that I feel as though I have never “worked” a day in my life. Thanks to the opportunities I’ve been granted, I have been able to blossom into the athlete, leader, and human being I am today.

My experience with Rah Rah Routines began a few years ago. My senior year of high school I was named captain of my team alongside my current coworker Sasha Higgs. Together we worked to choreograph our halftime routine for football games, as all of my high school’s captains have in the past. This time, however, our coach was so thrilled with the work we put out that she decided that our routine would be used for competition season as well - something that had never happened before.

Coach Christina had come to clean up our routine and upgrade some aspects to make them competition ready. After a long choreography session, our routine had been upgraded to something greater than before. After this practice I so clearly remember my coach calling Sasha and I over and saying that Coach Christina would like to speak with us. As these words left my coaches mouth I was a bit nervous, but more curious than anything, wondering what she could need us for.

After a few minutes of conversing, Christina informed us that she was so impressed with our routine that she wanted to propose the idea of my co-captain and I working for her over the summer. We were absolutely ecstatic. Cheerleading was what I loved more than anything, how could I be so lucky as to do it the entire summer and get paid for it?! As cliche as it sounds, it was as dream come true. In this moment I vowed that I would always put my best foot forward in this field of work, seeing that I want to one day make a career out of it.

Summer came and after our annual job training, the camps started rolling. Every job I worked gave me the chance to meet incredible coaches, athletes, and parents too. While these connections were brief, the impact that the bond of cheerleading has on people would never leave. I was working multiple different cheer camps over the summer, until one came along that I didn’t know would impact me so greatly. A tryout prep clinic at Cheernasium Allstars in Wayne, NJ was my focus of the week. I got ready, threw on my Rah Rah Routines Staff shirt, and was on my way completely unknowing of the opportunity I’d be granted later in the week.

From the moment I arrived I knew it would be a great camp, the gym was clearly filled with dedication and love from the coaches, and the athletes were nothing less than euphoric. The clinic progressed throughout the few days as we taught jumps, stunts, a dance, and more. The camp concluded, and I left with a ball of happiness in my stomach knowing how grateful everyone was that we had come to help (which has always been the best form of payment).

Later that night a text came in from Christina. I opened it quickly, not knowing that I was simultaneously opening a new door in my life. Christina informed me that the coaches at Cheernasium had been so impressed with me that they wanted to offer me a position at their gym. Of course I graciously accepted and began yet another incredible job.

Rah Rah Routines has given me so much, and allowed me to fulfill so many goals I had for myself. It’s given me a family, an ability to do what I love, and the chance to jumpstart a potential career in the field of cheerleading. I consider myself nothing less than extremely lucky for all that Rah Rah Routines has given me, and look forward to all that is to come in my future and the future of the company.

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